Come enjoy our wine, beer, and spirts in the Taverna!


Loukatos Mavrodaphne: Sweet, fruity red wine. Made from 100% Mavrodaphne., meaning black laurel, is mainly found in the Peloponnesean regions of Achaia and Ilia as well as the Ionian Islands. It is blended with the Korinthiaki grape to produce a delicious fortified dessert wine, known as Mavrodaphne. Toasted nut, cedar and cigarbox aromas give thus lush dessert wine an earthy feel. On the palate, dried nuts and fruit flavors and a spicy finish entice. Pair with nuts, cheeses, fruit.

Loukatos Retsina: A fresh and crisp wine with a menthally taste and aroma derived from pine resin added during fermentation. A traditional wine dating to Ancient Greece. Light as air, this is all about the refreshing menthol qualities of pine. Chill it well and drink with salty foods. Best when accompanied with Mediterranean or Asian seafood dishes. Grape Variety: Roditis

Ampelos Phos – Red : The noblest indigenous variety of Greece, Agiorgitiko (Nemea grape Variety), in its fresh version… It is a bright full bodied wine with a deep red colour and a velvety taste. Quite complex for a fresh wine, with soft tannins and attractive intense aromas of cherry, red berries and vanilla.

Ampelos Phos – White: The harmonious blending of the two exquisite indigenous grape varieties, Roditis and Moschofilero, brings forth the best elements of each variety. As a result, Ampelos Phos White is a bright fresh wine, with a pale-yellow colour and crisp acidity. Its aromas are characterised by hints of apple and citrus fruits.


Boutari Ouzo: A traditional Greek spirit known for its floral-fennel aroma and dry taste. Flavored with anise, giving it a rich, dry taste. A perfect aperitif to be enjoyed prior to meals.

Metaxa: Metaxa (Greek: Μεταξά) is a Greek Brown spirit created by Spyros Metaxas in 1888. It is a blend of wine distillates, Muscat wines and a secret bouquet of rose petals and Mediterranean herbs. It is exported to over 65 countries and was the first liquor consumed in space. Metaxi (Greek: μετάξι) literally means “silk”, with “Metaxas” being a common Greek family name.


FIX Hellas: the first and most historic Greek beer is a premium lager beer that is ideal for any time of the day. Its soft flavor has a balanced bitterness enhancing the pleasant flavors that emerged during the yeast fermentation and a rounded long-lasting aftertaste. Its content in alcohol amounts to 5% and its prevailing perfumes are the freshness of apple and banana scents. FIX Hellas guarantees high quality and reliability throughout the production stages and is of Greek origin offering a unique pleasure from the first sip.

Amstel Light: Since we began brewing our family of Amstel biers in 1870, we’ve exported Amstel to over 120 countries. And though we no longer need to rely on the chilly waters of the Amstel River to keep it cold, each brew still delivers an authentic taste of its native land. We led the American light beer revolution with Amstel Light when we first imported it in 1980. At just 95 calories per bottle, its unique mixture of barley and hops delivers rich, full beer taste.