Top off your meal with one of the many homemade pastries. Baked by members of our community, who have worked for weeks using time-honored recipes to offer a variety of pastries, including the most popular Baklava! Pastries are sold individually or packaged in an assortment box. If you like sweets, this Festival will be your paradise!

Almond Crescents
Light pastry covered in almonds

Layer upon layer of buttered Filo and ground walnuts w/honey

Traditional buttered cookies sprinkled with powdered sugar

Butter based cookies shaped in twists, brushed with egg whites

Spice cookies dipped in honey and sprinkled with walnuts

Filo pastry filled with custard and covered with a honey based syrup

Variety Pack
Includes Baklava, Kourambiedes, Melomakarona, and Koulourakia

Rice Pudding